Proud to be catholic ~ sent to serve

Pastoral Services Appeal returns in 2014!


The Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) is an annual fundraising appeal of the Orange Catholic Foundation that raises funds on behalf of Bishop Kevin Vann that are granted to the Diocese of Orange for financial support of selected diocesan pastoral ministries & services which serve thousands of people throughout Orange County.  For 2014, the Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) will kick off in parishes beginning February 22-23, 2014.  Each year, the Orange Catholic Foundation (OCF) conducts the annual PSA in collaboration with the Pastors and Administrators from all 62 parishes and centers of the Diocese of Orange.    

Our 2014 theme for the PSA is Proud to be Catholic ~ Sent to Serve
The theme was chosen to remind Orange County Catholics that while we are proud of our faith and the impact that we collectively make on the greater community, as Disciples of Christ, we are sent to serve in the name of our Lord. 

Please see the PSA Ministry Descriptions page for an explanation of ministries and services funded through the PSA.

Approved allocations for 2014-15 of $6,100,000 to support ten important ministries & services as described on the page will be funded by the efforts of every parish and center throughout the Diocese of Orange.    

Each parish has an assigned PSA goal and 100% of all funds raised over that goal in payments are returned on a monthly basis to the parish for its own important projects.

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Through programs and services, provide support, training, formation, education and outreach that REINFORCES the mission of each individual parish and reaches out to those in the wider community.

The Purpose of the Pastoral Services Appeal:


  1. To educate Catholics about the Diocese of Orange and give them an opportunity to participate directly in the mission of the local Church.
  2. Through the OCF, to collect gifts of at least $6,100,000 to be granted for ministries and services funded by the PSA.
  3. To utilize the PSA rebate plan to fund parish ministries, charities and building projects.




2014 PSA Results
Number of households pledging:  
Amount Pledged:  
Amount Paid:  
Amount Paid to Support Ministries:  
Amount Rebated to Parishes:  



PSA Campaign Director
Debra Leaverton
(714) 282-3026

PSA Donor Services:
Dinora Gonzalez
(714) 282-3025










Creator God,


At Baptism, we accepted the call to follow Jesus. Be with us as we move along on our faith journey.


Send us your Holy Spirit, that we might have wisdom for the journey.


Help us to develop and share our gifts as good stewards, that we may use them in love and service in your kingdom.


We ask this through Christ, our Lord.




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