2014 PSA Questions and Answers

Q.    What happened to the gift I made to the capital campaign for the 2013 PSA?
A.    The first funds raised for the capital campaign were used to fulfill the 2013  PSA and $6.1 million has been granted out to fund the annual, ongoing support of the diocesan ministries supported through the PSA. 

Q.   I thought my gift to the diocesan capital campaign included our PSA gift to cover future years during the capital campaign gift redemption.
A.   The capital campaign included the 2013 PSA only.  The campaign materials communicated that “In 2013, our capital campaign will include our annual appeal to support Diocesan pastoral ministries and services. The PSA will return in 2014.”

Q.  Why is it important that Bishop Vann asks us to contribute to the PSA annually?
A.   The PSA provides funding for the annual budgets of vital ministries and services that serve all 62 parishes and centers as well as thousands in the local community.  These funds are used on an annual basis to cover annual operating and program expenses of our ministries (see the PSA brochure for a description of all ministries funded through the PSA or go to www.oc-foundation.org/PSAFundedMinistries).

Q.     Why do we have two campaigns going on at the same time?
A.     The capital campaign is an extraordinary campaign for extraordinary needs, the first ever in the history of our  diocese to provide capital funds that are paid over time for more permanent projects such as growth of endowments, and renovation of the Cathedral campus.  The PSA is an annual campaign to fund the annual budgets of our diocesan ministries.  The PSA funds are fully utilized on an annual basis and require replenishing to keep these vital ministries operating.  Currently in its 36th year, the PSA was initiated by Bishop Johnson for the people of our growing diocese to join together to build up the Church in Orange County.  Our subsequent Bishops McFarland, Brown and now Bishop Vann believe that the PSA is necessary to continue to fund the important ministries and services that serve all Catholics in our Diocese as well as thousands of those in the community.

Q.    I thought Catholic education was included in the For Christ Forever campaign goals; why does PSA also support Catholic education?
A.    The PSA supports annual tuition assistance grants to Catholic elementary schools in our diocese.  For example, the funds raised for the 2013 PSA were granted to schools for the 2013-2014 school year.  The funds raised through the capital campaign are invested in an endowment which is a permanent fund that will provide annual income to the schools to supplement the PSA funding and other resources.
Q.   Will I receive separate reminders for the capital campaign and the PSA?
A.    Yes, the capital campaign reminders will be sent in an envelope with the For Christ Forever capital campaign logo on the communication at the beginning of every month for the requested payment schedule through 2017 or until the gift is fully paid.  The PSA reminders will be sent in an envelope with the Proud to be Catholic -  Sent to Serve PSA logo on the communication in the middle of every month for the payment schedule you request.

Q.     When will I receive a tax acknowledgement for my gift to the capital campaign and the PSA?
A.     You will receive a separate tax acknowledgement letter for the capital campaign each year in January following that year of payments.  The PSA tax acknowledgement letters will be sent in January following that year’s PSA campaign.

Q.     How much should I give to the PSA?
A.     You are asked to prayerfully discern the amount of your PSA gift.  We understand this will require an extra sacrifice this year with the capital campaign being introduced in 2013.  Your sacrificial gift in any amount will be acknowledged as your commitment to our faith and your response to God’s many blessings.

Q.     Who do I call if I have questions regarding my capital campaign or PSA pledge?
A.     Call the Orange Catholic Foundation at (714) 282-3048 or aorozco@oc-foundation.org






Creator God,


At Baptism, we accepted the call to follow Jesus. Be with us as we move along on our faith journey.


Send us your Holy Spirit, that we might have wisdom for the journey.


Help us to develop and share our gifts as good stewards, that we may use them in love and service in your kingdom.


We ask this through Christ, our Lord.




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