2014  Stewardship
Weekend and Renewal

Stewardship Weekend
November 8-9, 2014


Continuing the long-time tradition in our Diocese,  Bishop Kevin Vann encourages all pastors and parishes to observe Stewardship Weekend (the 2nd weekend in November).  Stewardship resources are provided to every parish to assist them in this initiative.  All parishes are also encouraged to consider conducting an annual renewal. 

Stewardship Renewal Workshops - September 19th and 24th, 2014 
o provide training to all interested parishes with step-by-step instructions for conducting a renewal. 

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Stewardship weekend and Renewal Materials

2014 Materials to be available for order
September, 2014

Adult Commitment Forms

 2013 Stewardship Commitment Form Trifold English

 2013 Stewardship Commitment Form Trifold Spanish

2013 Stewardship Commitment Form Trifold Vietnamese

Youth Commitment Form
  2013 Youth Commitment Form Parish Template

Children's  Commitment Form
  2013 Children's Commitment Form Parish Template




Additional Lay Witness Talk Guidelines
Lay Witness Guidelines - English
Lay Witness Guidelines - Spanish
Lay Witness Speaker Do's and Don'ts
Lay Witness Speaker Worksheet

General Stewardship Spirituality Brochure - English

Stewardship Prayers - English, Spanish, Vietnamese

Stewardship Resources for Catholic Schools and Parish R/E Programs
Resource List for Catholic Schools and Parish R/E Programs

Other Parish Stewardship Resources
Following is a list of resources that will help you to understand Stewardship and its meaning and role in our parishes.  For parishes beginning the Stewardship journey, the following resources are recommended:

Stewardship:  A Disciple's Response
A Pastoral Letter on Stewardship

By:  United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2002
http://www.usccb.org/stewardship/disciplesresponse.pdf or you may purchase copies by contacting Debbie Leaverton $7.50/copy.  For Stewardship Committees, or general formation for Pastoral or Finance Councils, Pastors, Parochial Vicars and Deacons Broken into 5 sections, it is recommended that as a group you assign a section to be read prior to each meeting and then use the reflections questions at the end of each section for group reflection. 

Parish Stewardship Manual
Resource manual for introducing and sustaining parish stewardship
FREE to all parishes in the Diocese of Orange (contact Debbie Leaverton)


Stewardship by the Book

Free download from Our Sunday Visitor


Stewardship Diary (Spanish) from Fr. Christopher Smith.

For parishes interested in learning more about Strengths and Engagement:

Catholic Strengths and Engagement website for networking with other parish leaders from across the country and world around introducing and sustaining Living Your Strengths and Growing an Engaged Church.

Growing an Engaged Church
by Albert L. Winseman
Available on:  Amazon or Gallup Store

Living Your Strengths (Catholic Edition)
Available in English and Spanish
Albert L. Winseman and Donald O. Clifton
Available at:  Gallup Store

Leisa Anslinger, a national leader in the Strengths and Engagement initiative provides small group processes and other parish resources on her website at the following location: 

- Stewardship Videos -


- Reflections on the Pastoral Letter on Stewardship
(4 sections - approx. 22 minutes – each section 5-6 minutes)

Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy, former Archbishop of Seattle , WA - USCCB Ad Hoc Committee who wrote Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response.  Appropriate for new Stewardship Council formation, Lay Ministry leader formation, Parish Pastoral Council formation, other parish groups.Click on a version below to watch the video.



- Our Parish Experience in Developing Stewardship as a way of Way of Life (50 minutes) 

Father Timothy O’Connor, Pastor, St. Joseph Church , Avon Lake , Ohio

Fr. O’Connor shares how his parish has grown with Stewardship over the years and the practical tools they have used. Appropriate for Stewardship Councils, Pastoral Councils, other parish leadership groups. Click on the link below to watch the video.

Father Timothy O'Conner


- Stewardship Education in the Parish (16 minutes)

Monsignor Thomas McGread, Pastor Emeritus, St. Francis of Assisi Church, Wichita, KS is a veteran in Stewardship, beginning his Stewardship journey over 30 years ago.
Overview of Stewardship and its potential impact in the parish.  Appropriate for parish leadership groups, including Stewardship Councils. Click on the  link below to watch the video.

Monsignor Thomas McGread


- The Pillars of Parish Stewardship (50 minutes)

Reverand John P. Lanzrath, S.T.L. is a the Director of the Office of Stewardship. Diocese of Wichita.
The Pillars of Stewardship and its potential impact in the parish.  Appropriate for parish leadership groups, including Stewardship Councils. Click on the  link below to watch the video.

John P. Lanzrath


Parish leaders can either view the presentations online or borrow the DVD’s for showing to a large group by contacting Debbie Leaverton at dleaverton@oc-foundation.org or (714) 282-3026.





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